Sustainability Assessment

Insight-as-a-Service for the benefit of business


21st century is the time of transformation from quantity-oriented to value-oriented behavior.  If before customers were concerned about acquiring a lot of different objects which created mass-markets, nowadays people are also looking at the value component and often prefer quality and uniqueness versus quantity. Customers and employees are seeking for the new measures of “goodness” which basically cater to intrinsic human needs in health, justice, awareness, beauty and well being. New trends of “good practices” are being set across different industries, all aimed at sustainability, and the words like “bio”, “organic”, “natural”, “fairly priced”, “fair trade”, “clean energy”, “reusable”, “recyclable”, “community development” or even “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “ethical business” and many others become the factors of success in our time.

Our Proposal

Receive the sustainability perception report of your business based on your customers’ and employees’ reviews. Get insight about how to improve your product/service, place, activities and atmosphere. See what people appreciate in your business and focus on it. Become more competitive, become better, become more sustainable.


A group of our “sustainability angels” will interview at least 100 of your customer or employees at your place of business or remotely according to our innovative sustainability perception assessment mechanism. We will analyse the feedback provided by your customers and employees and prepare a detailed report including the suggestions on how you can improve your product/service, place, activities and atmosphere.

We are charging for our sustainability perception service in order to raise money for building GreenAdvisor mobile app. Please support us in this intention. Any help in the form of collaboration or donation matters and is much appreciated!