Budapest – do people think it is a green city?


“Every time I am travelling to Budapest, I feel like coming home. It is safe and welcoming.”

GreenAdvisor team has decided to continue our offline project. But this time, to show that our rating mechanism will be suitable for each kind of organizations, we run a sustainability perception measurement on the city of Budapest! We would like to collect public opinion about what citizens and tourists appreciate in the city, and what should be changed.
Budapest is the capital of Hungary and it is the main hub of economic, financial, political and cultural activities in Hungary. Our goal was to measure its sustainability by finding out inhabitants and tourists’ perception of Budapest city, regarding its environmentally and socially friendly nature and its contribution to build a sustainable society by running green initiatives.
Total number of people in survey was 213, out of which 109 provided their perception review about Budapest. The results varied a lot since people have different opinion about Budapest, although it was clear from the survey that more than half (61%) of respondents rated the city as green, some respondents rated it as average or that Budapest was not really green in their opinion, 12.8% and 19.3% respectively. Only meager amount of people said that they cannot respond to our questions in a way to determine the sustainability of Budapest.

Regarding the products and service in Budapest, organic shops and green NGOs are the most mentioned. That is to say, these kind of services are well-known in Budapest. For example we interviewed a vegan who said : “I am a vegan and I really like this city because I can find what I want to eat”. Fubudapestrthermore, many interviewees said Budapest is green in its place, offering good public transportation system, bike routes coverage, a lot of green areas and parks can be found throughout the city. Moreover, the atmosphere of Budapest is really well perceived. Keywords like positive, friendly, enjoyable are very often quoted. Overall, many adjectives are mentioned to describe the general atmosphere of Budapest and there are very positive. This clearly indicates that tourists and inhabitants of Budapest are very satisfied with this city in terms of the place and the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the inhabitants are concerned about the activities of the government related to sustainability matters. They say “The city is not green but people are ready to make it better with green initiatives”, “Sustainability initiatives come from inhabitant and companies, not from the government. They are doing nothing towards sustainability” .

Nevertheless, GreenAdvisor team is happy and proud that our headquarters are situated in this beautiful city that is considered green by the wisdom of the crowd. Together we can publicly voice our suggestions for Budapest city municipality and see how it continuously improves thanks to us!

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