Let’s welcome a new intern – Hanh Lai!


Few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our New Caledonian girl Marion Chambas and welcome to our team a Vietnamese girl Hanh Lai. A young and cheerful Bachelor’s student of International Business in Joensuu, Finland. Although Hanh is from Vietnam, she has been studying in Finland for 2 years. After 2 years staying in this continent, she has visited 10 countries. Most of the time she prefers to travel alone, finding it fascinating to explore the world by herself and get lost in a totally new place.

hanh2After all, her favourite place in the world is Southeast Asia where one can find hundreds of amazing beaches. Hanh was born in Nam Dinh, a coastal city in Vietnam. She loves enjoying sunshine, waves, sand and the smell of salt. Although Santorini or Italian beaches are fabulous, she feels more comfortable in my country. “Besides, to be honest, I’ve never found any place with better food than Asian countries,” she adds proudly.

Unlike Theophane, who thinks that we were born with sustainability, Hanh found her way to these matters a decade ago, when the documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth”, which recorded Al Gore’s campaign to educate about global warming, was released. It was the first time she had been aware of climate change. hanh3She seems to be really worried about her fatherland, as Vietnam is among the 5 most vulnerable countries under the influence of climate change. She becomes thoughtful and sad while talking about this, and is really keen to do something to change it. She believes “everything must start from the smallest to the bigger one, that each of us should be an “environmentalist”, no matter how our government is dealing with those particular issues.

When asking about what is sustainability for her, she states that sustainability is not only about environment or green but also about the social and economic. In the contemporary world, everything changes so fast. Apple introduces their new products twice or three times a year and breaking news stay in the front page only for a few hours. We have to start thinking of long lasting value of our life. Sustainability is something like that, something that we should consider for our next generation. Climate change does not push Venice into the sea today, but a century after, it will.
About GreenAdvisor Hanh is optimistic : “Since it benefits from the wisdom of crowds”, I hope that together we speak the same voice about being greener. I will definitely share it with my friends, because I understand that one more review is one more motivation for company to consider its ethical practices.”

hanh4In terms of future, Hanh does not seem to be worried about having a long term plan as she is not good at being consistent to a goal. Not finding it important to keep herself in a strict zone, she simply just loves the idea of living somewhere for a while and then moving to the next destination. Travelling keeps us to be young, wild and free, isn’t it? What she knows for sure, is that staying in the office with air condition, wearing suits and heels for her whole life, is not for her. As a passionate traveller, she is currently practising minimalism. “After moving 4 times just in 1 year, I realised how inconvenient is to possess so many items, that you don’t actually need. I think it is true that less is more.”

GreenAdvisor team is happy to see this studious and amiable girl as part of our team!

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