“Digital Trade Union”? – Yes, with GreenAdvisor!

Do you belong to a trade union or any business association? In the past, the trade union was known for its great purpose of helping employees around the world to gain the rights to work in good working conditions or have a good salary. However, nowadays its role has been changed dramatically, because of globalization, competition, and easy internet access.

The aims of a trade union are:

  • negotiating with employers to improve wages and working conditions for its memberstradeunion
  • playing as a third party between workers (its members) and the employer
  • enforcing the terms of collective bargaining by acting collectively
  • raising new demands on behalf of its members 

    Take a look at trade union’s performance, it is easy to notice that numbers of union vary widely across the EU countries. In most countries, union membership has been falling in recent years.
    The majority of European countries have several competing union confederations and are often divided on political grounds. The graph below shows the levels of membership in case of EU members.

    (source: http://www.worker-participation.eu)

    As we can see from the figure, the great variety of levels of union membership, ranging from 74% (Finland) to 10% in Estonia and Lithuania. However, we must keep in mind that union membership is not the only indicator of strengths. The average level of union membership across the whole of EU, weighted by the members employed in the different member states, is 23%. The union membership decreases constantly.

    With GreenAdvisor mobile app it will be possible for workers to easily share their opinions, suggestions or dissatisfaction with a few clicks. Employees can influence the decisions, and pressure the companies by leaving a review. Furthermore, job seekers or other companies looking for partners can find companies with the best CSR and green practices. So it can be said that the power of internet represents the unions.

    These are the main areas that you can review:


  • Product/Service
  • Place
  • Activities
  • Atmosphere


If you miss bike racks at your working place or If you feel your employer makes you work extra hours- these are the cases you can mention on GreenAdvisor app. In addition, you can keep confidential by posting it as a “User 1234”.
Maybe the work atmosphere is unhealthy and stressful? You have to write about it and suggest how to change it for better.
And what about company’s products? Are they, for example, bio or plastic-free? If you think that they should modify the way how they produce it, just suggest it through our application.
Are the CSR policies always applied? And even if all is fine and neat, do you feel good at your job, do you enjoy it? Your opinion really matters.
What about community engagement? Does your company care enough about society? Write about it!
Does your company really cares about environmental issues, or maybe you want to suggest some changes? Share your ideas on GreenAdvisor application.

Good businesses will have the opportunity to increase their visibility. All companies will have to pay more attention to their actions in order to maintain their public reputation and essentially their customer base.


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