GreenAdvisor runs sustainability perception measurement of McDonald’s

As our followers should know already, we are a startup developing a mobile platform where people can stimulate companies to become better by reviewing them based on their sustainability and green practices.
2 months ago we carried out our first GreenAdvisor offline project where we conducted a study about dm, a drug store in the center of Budapest.

Now, as GCapturereenAdvisor is working hard to test and improve our rating mechanism, the next targeted organization was McDonald’s. We asked customers their perception on the sustainability of one of the fast food restaurants located in 1052 Budapest, Sütő utca 2. This study was conducted for one week June 13 – 19, 2016, where customers of McDonald’s were asked about their impression, opinion, and experience regarding McDonald’s in a form of a survey with regard to evaluating their perception about McDonald’s sustainability performance and attitude.

 We asked 244 people to answer the survey of whom 113 of them , 40% of interviewees said that McDonald’s is not a green business, which doubles the number of people who think McDonald’s is a green one. shtKnown as the largest chain of fast food in the world, it is widely considered as “unhealthy” food. A small number of vegetarians taking part in the survey confirmed their bad experiences with the restaurant. Besides, the “average” and “no opinion” answers are approximately one-third, which says that many clients of McDonald’s do not consider sustainability as a factor in their decision making or lack the information about McDonald’s sustainability activities.

In fact, McDonald’s tries to make green initiatives and social engagement as recycling, fair trade, and youth employment, although people do not pay much attention to these factors. Most of the people who think McDonald’s is a green business know what are the green activities this organization takes, thanks to their marketing activities that promote a greener image of the company.

In conclusion, most of the people believe that most of the restaurants have good access as they are located in central places and have affordable prices. Nevertheless, they do not think McDonald’s is a green business, offering unhealthy food with everybody-is-in-rush atmosphere.

Our main goal currently is to popularize our platform and grow our audience so that soon people everywherwhre could provide their perception about businesses’ actions towards sustainability and motivate them to change to a more environmentally and socially friendly manner. We hope that GreenAdvisor will be soon able to make a real change as other user-feedback companies like TripAdvisor and Wikipedia have proven to be successful.

Furthermore, we would like to find new partners and organizations for collaboration with whom we share same views and goals. Whether you are an individual, NGO or a big corporate business, contact us and join GreenAdvisor to create more sustainable future together!


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