3 exclusive inventions using renewable energy resources


“We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices.”
Robert Alan Silverstein

We have all heard about wind and solar energy used for generating electricity, also nuclear and geothermal power used for heating systems. But throughout the world there are various of interesting items developed, which work only on renewable energy resources. GreenAdvisor will help you locate all these businesses who either produce them or use them in their businesses.

What vodka and solar-power have in common?

5k7o5Three years ago, there was no connection between them, but in April 2013 a Solar-powered Vodka Distillery was opened in Maui, Hawaii. The farm is situated on 80-acres land and is highly committed to social and environmentally conscious business practices. It is one of the kind the whole world using only solar panels to power the operations of the distillery and facility. All the production of the main ingredient in vodka, the sugar cane, is organically grown on the local rich soils without using hazardous pesticides. The water for the production comes from deep ocean minerals from a depth of 3,000 feet as well. The bottles are made with recycled glass. In all the facilities natural lighting is used, all the shipping materials are recycled and natural cleaning products used. So not only the production itself, but the whole business seems to be fully sustainable!

Cut down on your energy consumption with one easy step!6ijtdgn
Tired of constantly adjusting the temperature in your house? One time it is too hot, then it is too cold… All you have to do is obtain new state-of-the-art Nest Learning Thermostat.
It is a thermostat that will learn from your habits and then program itself according to your needs and lifestyle! Furthermore, it will show you how much you use energy so you can make decisions how to reduce your consumption. Read more and how to get yourself one from

Floating solar-powered balloons for refugee camps

dfxjdtSustainability is not only about environmental concerns, but also keeping it balanced with economic and social perspectives. French startup called Zephyr Solar is committed to sustainable development. They are developing a solar-powered balloons for producing energy in refugee camps, severe problem in contemporary society, which are often located far from usual energy providers. Product is in development phase now, hopefully presented to the world in 2017, becoming available for those in need.

GreenAdvisor is looking to interview innovative startups which strive for sustainability. These cool inventions can definitely help us towards thinking more green and reduce the use of non-renewable energies as well as our carbon footprint, contributing to more sustainable future.

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