Reasons to Go Shopping in Organic Food Shops or Sustainable Markets

Thinking about going shopping to bio or sustainable markets  instead of conventional
ones? Here are some tips to advise new buyers who want to join this new trend of consuming healthier and at the same time, helping the planet’s sustainability. Nowadays, due to the “information era”, people are more aware of the necessity of buying food that has been produced via organic or natural methods, in addition, it tastes nicer and feels healthier.

Support the companies which avoid the use of synthetic products in vegetables and fruits such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. In the case of animals, it is preferential that they be raised according to welfare standards, avoiding the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and having access to outdoors grounds.

When buying “biological or eco food”, we are automatically contributing to the preservation of the environment. Organic farming is the best way to protect the fauna, as preventing the greenhouse effect, generating  lower aerosols’ contamination and not creating pollutants because in the cultivation process that takes maximum advantage of renewable resources.

But if you are thinking that your food budget is going to increase too much you can also find some ways of consuming responsible and affordable :

  • Try to focus on buying the products you are more aware or you prefer most and do not change the whole “shopping list”, also pay attention to sales, discounts and coupons.
  • Look for online deals or skip middleman and go directly to the farmers who grow it.
  • Finally you can choose to grow your own food, no matter if you have a big yard or a little balcony. Another interesting option is community gardens in the city. You can also find further information about urban farming from our previous article.

To conclude, by supporting bio markets and organic shops, we contribute to the improvement of local economies. As an example, the Professor Stephan Goetz carried out a research about the impact of selling local food at regional levels. The result of the analysis of balances, taxes and consumption show that sustainable economy is really profitable.

You would soon be able to find these kind of markets thanks to our GreenAdvisor mobile-app, which supports sustainable businesses. And let us also support small local producers who live near to us and thus contribute to the development of local economy.


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