How To Work In a Digital Way Using Less Paper

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Every day, all around the world, companies and public organisations are joining the process of digitizing documents as an essential step to optimize their management and administration processes. We can achieve a lot of economic and organisational savings by following this process.

Paperless offices
“Paperless offices” are those in which the documents traditionally stored and archived on paper become digitized, so that not only management, storage, and retrieval are improved, but it also provides an easy way to create a digital backup of files. With the rapid development of technology, it has become easier to implement this approach in all kind of organizations.

A significant benefit of digitizing documents is creating a more sustainable office. We are contributing towards the sustainability of the planet as we are not facilitating deforestation which is one of the most harmful acts we can inflict to the earth. Read more about deforestation and the role of paper products.

Paper-Free as an Office

To become a “Paperless office” we have to follow these steps:

  • Organise and choose documents to be scanned
  • Mass digitization of documents
  • Install software for document management (ideas)
  • Store documents in the software installed
  • Entry of new documents to the document management system


Go Paper-Free Personally


Some actions that we can implement in our daily life in order to save paper:

  • By paying bills online through the companies websites
  • By taking notes use laptops, tablets or any other electronic format
  • By digitizing your signature, so you are able to sign a document via your computer
  • By keeping your documents and relevant information easily organised on your computer

Furthermore, there are many services available and some of them are even free. You can check out some of the best ones from this comparison. Besides having your files coordinated, you can access them at any time from different devices!

Best Practices

Working in our office is always with electronic devices and all of them are interconnected through the internet, using Google drive free service. This way, any device can check the work of the others immediately without any need for printing documents.
On the other hand, some challenges that we are facing : when internet connection does not work, our progress can be interrupted for a while. You can read more about Thomson Reuters report on best practices in this field.

In any way, turning your office into a paperless office is always a smart idea for many reasons like saving time, saving money and being more productive but especially and most important, contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

In our office, GreenAdvisor team made those resolutions already and we want to promote the companies which run sustainable activities, for example, a “paper-free office”. Is it important for your company? Soon you will be able to rate your company at GreenAdvisor mobile app based on its sustainable activities. Let’s make our companies more sustainable by encouraging them to act responsibly!” GreenAdvisor – coming soon.

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