New Intern : Théophane Berenger


Let us introduce our new intern : Théophane Bérenger. Theophane is 20-year old French guy who has lived all his life in Paris. Although he is young, he has had an interesting life and he has clear view about what he wants in life. He has strong mindset towards sustainability and contributing to creating a better world.

2Although being quite young, Théophane has experienced a lot already. In order to understand the world better, he decided to travel each summer to a different country. His first time abroad brought him to London, United Kingdom, where he worked for a charity shop during 2 months. After working hard, everybody needs some time off, so he made the Interrail trip with his friend and fell in love with Budapest. That is how he started looking for internship in Budapest, one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. After narrowing his choices down to 3 organizations, he decided that Greenwill was the best opportunity for him to promote environmental awareness and be part of GreenAdvisor. Asking about what is sustainability for him, he simply says: “Our generation was born with sustainability”. All of his friends share his values and are worried about the future of our planet.

Studying on his second year in business school, he is involved in lots of fields such as communication, marketing, economics, sales and more. Théophane is convinced that, to the key to make a sustainable business is to develop it with respect towards others and the earth. He says that “respect” is a keyword to sustainability. With this in mind, he wants to create his own startup one day linked with sustainability and do his best to lead it with respect in all matters related to society, environment and economy. Furthermore, he is concerned about third world problems related to lack of water, food and believes we should all be more respectful in those matters.
About GreenAdvisor Theophane believes it is an essential tool, because most businesses are hiding bad items and lying to their customers. He will recommend it to all his friends, they should not be blind. “GreenAdvisor is just the truth about companies!”


3Moreover, Theophane has always had big love for music. When he was as young as 15, he joined an event-planning company with his friends, playing drums. Owning a small company has made him realize that his desire was  to work in small organization, in a cozy environment with his friends, where it is easier to share the same values and implement changes whether small or big.

That is not all ! Ambitious guy as he is, he has pursued his love for music and is, back in France, working part-time as a DJ. When asking about his favourite genre or artist, he says there is no answer for this question. Perhaps he likes techno the most, but is also very keen on other styles of music.
Our GreenAdvisor team is looking forward to work together with this versatile and aspiring young man and we truly believe he will bring great value to our project!

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