Ljubljana, Slovenia – European Green Capital Award 2016

Want to take a weekend off in Eastern Europe, away from work stress and pollution and to enjoy the spring break ? Two members of our GreenAdvisor team went to beautiful Ljubljana last weekend to find out how this shinny city turned itself into Europe’s green capital in 2016.


Along the streets of the Ljubljanica River, the only sounds you can hear are people’s voices when walking, and the clanking of glasses at sidewalk cafes. So glad we felt, waking to these exotic smells of percolating coffee and fresh rolls, made with such great care.

While falling in love with Ljubljana, we discovered that the city notably changed from ten years ago,  when the streets were continually clogged with traffic. Many used to complain about making detours through adjoining streets to get around bottlenecks, really.

This year, Ljubljana impressed by the compelling transformation made, as far as sustainability is concerned. This change has been achieved in fields such as local transport and the pedestrianizing of the city centre. It is thus quite naturally that Ljubljana was named “European Green Capital 2016” : a pleasant surprise and reward for the city.


      Improvement has also been made in preserving the green areas which characterise the city. In addition to this, the Jury recognised the progress made dealing with waste’s treatment, as the Ljubljanans committed themselves to pursuing a zero waste objective. Alike, Ljubljana uses a system of recycling collection points that stores waste underground until it can be picked up.

We also found out that three quarters of Ljubljana are real green areas, including contiguous aquatic and forest. In addition, the town has implemented urban green measures, decided to plant  more than 2,000 trees and to build five new parks.


Ljubjana is the example of the city in which environmental and social sustainability is the concern of everyone including every business. Soon with GreenAdvisor, people will be able to facilitate businesses to become greener and all the cities will become more beautiful. Also, they will be able to learn about fair, quality companies.
Finally, as everyone will probably tell you, combined to its eco-friendly environment new measures, Ljubljana is a people-friendly city. Here in the center of Slovenia, the courteous friendly smiling welcome of the people has been and will remain the highlights of our visit ! Look forward from going back there !

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