Behind-The-Scenes: Insight To The Everyday Life of GreenAdvisor


group photo
Our team : Guillem, Elena, Marion, Judith, Theophane, Yishen, Mari-Liis and Hanh


One of the most important thing, but on the other hand also one of  the biggest concerns, about the business world of today, is transparency and integrity.

a0987687e1767745b0d2b0c936ec90c6In light of this, our GreenAdvisor team would like you to invite you to take a peek what is going on in our headquarters in Hungary.
Bank center is located in the heart of Budapest and hosts the office of GreenAdvisor on the first floor. This is where all the work in order to develop our product is progressing. From now own, our team would like to share the internal life with our followers and readers. We have started already introducing our interns, now it’s time to introduce what is really going on in the office and how is the process of developing GreenAdvisor going.

Elena is the Director and also the supervisor of all the interns. She is responsible for all the projects and work within the organization, currently more focused on finding developers and looking for funding. For the moment, we are a team of 7 interns working in different fields for the benefit of GreenAdvisor. This week we said goodbye to the Vietnamese girl My, who was the source of our creativity, consulting all the matters regarding design. But since nature abhors a vacuum we welcomed two new interns and you will soon learn more about them!
GreenAdvisor wants to be available on all the continents for people all over the world. Therefore, our main priority at the moment is to look  for partners in different parts of the world.

13318820_288472224829285_1813086220_nTaking this into account, Yishen, as our only Chinese intern, is trying to enter the Chinese market, looking for partners and collaborators to widen the scope of GreenAdvisor. Another task is to gain visibility for GreenAdvisor in Chinese social media. If we have Chinese speaking fans, you can check it out on Weibo.
Marion is working hard to find partners in Australia & New Zealand, although it is not going very good so far and companies are not showing a lot of interest in cooperating with us. Marion, together with Judith, is also responsible for our Social Media planning to grow our audience.

Guillem, as our only male representative, is working on partnership creation with French organizations and studying how to sell the Sustainability Assessment to companies based in France. Trying to constantly improve the approach and techniques to get the attention of organizations, it is his only focus at the moment. Me, Mari-Liis, coming from the Northern Europe, am trying to create collaboration with organizations in Estonia, the fastest-growing IT destination in Europe. For the time being, I am in contact with a few organizations, but it takes time to arrive to the point of results. I have got no response from many people I contacted, therefore, for the moment we have no partnerships formed with Estonian organizations.
Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, said in his interview for Yale Insights (2010): Saving the planet is number 19 on people’s priorities. You’d think it would be number one. But no, number one is personal security. The world is scared to death of everything, right now. So it’s not going to come from the consumer. It has to come from businesses who understand that the consumer is going to be demanding these kinds of products in the future. You have to start reacting right now, before the customer tells you so.”  
Hopefully, the businesses will realize sooner or later, that they have to take action. And we can help.

I will continue to keep all our readers up to date with what is going on behind the scenes and how is the work of GreenAdvisor developing. For not missing out, subscribe for the latest news and useful tips so we can all contribute to the greener tomorrow, together.
In the next weeks you can read about our new interns, our social media, what type of content we create and why and what is important for us in terms of sustainability!


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