Sustainable From Top To Toe


Are you tired of mass fashion and want to stand out from the crowd? There are plenty of designers and craftspeople around the world who are using recycled materials in their designs, therefore each product unique in its own way. Some of those designers gathered in Budapest, Hungary, on Sunday, May 8th, for ReProduct: an Ecodesign Market, where items varied from clothing to jewelry, accessories to footwear. Members of our GreenAdvisor team went to check out the latest trends !


Most fascinating finding was Ursuslupus, a group of artisans making jewelries and handbags from the items that have outlived their useful time. The bright-eyed women explained with passion how the handbags are made from the inner part of the bicycle tires and the lining from the remains of the inflatable swimming equipment. 


Furthermore,  Norsy makes clutches and jewelry from old candy papers and they look absolutely fascinating! I would definitely wear those next time when going out.


DSC_1335Rethy Fashion concentrates on recycling jeans – one can find dresses, skirts, bags and more from their collection. They have one-of-its-kind clothing for every taste. You can finish up your outfit with those handmade shoes by Andrea Szilagy of Ness Shoes. Her passion is to design shoes that are eco-friendly and ethical, using renewable energy sources and organic materials that make her products fully sustainable.

From the renaiChance booth, I discovered an inspiring young woman, who makes all her products by hand from recycled materials and talks about her work with great passion. She finished the outstanding red bag made from old curtains featured in this photo just the previous night!

Brigzone Design will give new life to old zippers in form of beautiful jewelry and Industrial Kid designs desk lamps from old bicycle parts. A lot of other designers, with intriguing and creative products, were present at the fair as well. Everyone could definitely find something for his or her own taste. Even if you missed this event, don’t worry, you can check out most of the designers on Facebook or their websites and order their products online. Although most of the webpages are only in Hungarian, do not hesitate to contact them as most of the artisans speak English well and are definitely willing to help you find exactly what you like!

GreenAdvisor wants to show that beside travelling green, using eco-friendly cosmetic products, and eating healthy, you can also dress fashionably and sustainably at the same time!


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