The importance of a concrete goal, Yishen Zhang

Two weeks ago we presented you our New Caledonian girl, Marion Chambas. Now the turn has come to talk about Yishen, a young Chinese girl who has been discovering Europe for a few years. After studying Economics and Business, she started to realise that she does not want to serve only corportate needs but above all wants to do something meaningful. She then accepted a position as an Intern on our GreenAdvisor team!


Yishen was born in Chongqing, grew up in Shanghai and is now taking Economics. After studying in China, she moved to Strasbourg via an exchange programme to take International Economics and Management. It was the opportunity for her to finally visit Europe, a wish she had harboured for a long time. From Strasbourg, she visited several neighboring countries such as Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and more..

13183239_1811161982448035_1675773973_n.jpgDuring her experience at Strasbourg university, she realized that she is much more interested in international projects linked to societal issues such as global warming and ethics in the business word than corporate business projects. She deeply believes that through economics we can do more than just business, but do something really useful and purposeful for the society. Looking for a concrete goal, a concrete cause, a project in which you can see progress and results and self actualization, this what she is seeking in her working life.

As she is part of GreenAdvisor team, she cares about sustainability. But what is her own vision of sustainability? “If I had to give a definition I would say that it is something that people should work for, not work as your job I mean, but something we should work on everyday in our personal daily life. A lot of people think that they can’t do anything but I think that any little step can become a bigger one.”. She added: “I lived a long time in Shanghai, I quickly realized how the Chinese market is not really sustainable. “That is what attracted me to GreenAdvisor, it might be a way to start pushing businesses to make some changes and try to change the living attitude of Chinese people”. She adds: When there’s two shops in front of me at my choice, I’ll definitely go for the one with GreenAdvisor label on the door, and I hope that people could think the same..”. Her motivation and her observant and creative personality make her a big plus for our team!


One more thing about you Yishen?Hmm, I hope I will do something great in my life, but I admit that I secretly dream about opening an animal grooming salon in China, maybe after my carreer!”.

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