GreenAdvisor facilitates dm-drogerie markt sustainability assessment

“If we want to move towards a low-polluting, sustainable society, we need to get consumers to think about their purchases.” (David Suzuki)

Are you aware of the impacts that you have on the environment? Would you like to live in a sustainable, healthy, green and enjoyable one? Let’s support the creation of GreenAdvisor for a more sustainable future.


Caring for the environment does not require you to become an environmental activist. You just need to learn more about the environment and make more eco-conscious decisions. As people who are aware, who care, and who are feeling concerned, we want to keep developing this commitment and extend it at ecumenical level.

As part of GreenAdvisor startup based in Budapest, we are developing an application where people can review businesses and organizations based on their sustainability and green practices. Since we are testing this new concept, we offer our cooperation to organizations which would like to assess their sustainability in their customers’ and employees’ perspective.

Our first targeted area for this green experience was a dm-drogerie markt store in the center of Budapest. In April 2016 we asked customers a few questions about their experience with the company. Later we will be providing the analytics and results to companies, with recommendations for improvement.

The customers of DM were asked about their impressions, opinions and more generally Collage DM Experienceexperience with regard to evaluate their perception about DM’s sustainability performance and attitude.

Somehow surprisingly, half of the people answered (which is more what we were expecting), meaning they care about environment and that most of them are conscious consumers. Some spent time and efforts answering, they were friendly, very enthusiastic and smiling: it was definitively a great experience.

Our wish now is to popularize this approach so that people in the future will be able to use the GreenAdvisor platform (planned release: winter 2016), where they can log in and criticize polluting, destructive or non-sustainable businesses, and motivate them to change in a more eco-friendly manner. The power of the people has proven to be successful in implementing a real change and is used by successful companies like TripAdvisor and Wikipedia.

Small actions taken collectively can add up to real changes!

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