From New Caledonia to GreenAdvisor: Marion Chambas

GreenAdivsor’s blog already exists for 2 months, but what do you know about GreenAdvisor team? And what a team! We are all travel lovers and we all come from different countries! Today we want to introduce you one of our most exotic intern: Marion Chambas. A 23 years old Caledonian girl who prefered leaving away her potential banking career to work with us in the sustainable development area.

Born from Caledonian parents on New Caledonia’s island, Marion has always grown up around nature and oceans. Even though she enjoyed her life on the Pacific Ocean, she dreamed about travelling, multiculturalism, meeting new people and making discoveries. Fortunately for her, she had the opportunity several times to travel all around the world. She visited: Australia,New-Zealand, Vanuatu, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Iceland, and even further afield in Europe and the United States.


One often says that travelling changes a person. So when asked about what lessons she had learnt during her various voyages, she answered with a quotation from Marcel Proust that she is particularly affectionate of : “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. For her, travelling is an opportunity to discover a deeper part of yourself and contributes be make you an even more opened-minded human-being. She noticed during her voyages that she has always been the best part of herself, which can sometimes be hard to unearth when your daily life consists of the metro, work and stress.

So what about Marion Chambas as a future working girl? After a scientific baccalaureate, she finally decided to start international studies. A way for her to keep travelling maybe? Being fluent in different languages is a real plus for real travellers. That’s why she studied Foreign Languages (english, spanish, chinese, greek) applied to Business, in France and Ireland. Now, she is doing a Master Research in Foreign Affairs and Negotiation, specialised in Finance, Diplomacy and International Cooperation. She would like to build a career in Foreign Affairs, in the ideal goal of negotiating contracts between New Caledonia and potential neighboring partners such as China, Australia, Japan or the United-States. She deeply believes that New Caledonia is one of the most developed economy of the pacific islands and has a real potential that is not being fully used.

From March 2016, she joined the GreenAdvisor team. She said that GreenAdvisor 10945629_1375293399448334_1677255087079031399_n.jpgrepresents “the opportunity for me to work at the European Chamber and have an experience in an European project with values I recognize to be the same as mine”. Interested by subjects such as globalization, she thinks it is important to have a reflection about the inter-relatedness of countries, with its opportunities and limits. Alike, she expresses keen interest in sustainopreneurship, since she thinks that the business world is a premier force of innovation and creativity. As she used to say “no-brainer we all have a part to play inasmuch as small actions, taken collectively, can add up to real change”. Marion is definitely an ambitious and curious person, a great edition to our team!

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