Farm in the City

When people hear the word  “urban farming” they usually think of elder people trying to keep agricultural practices in the city. Some people may also think it is  “Too Cool” thing only for Hipsters.

The truth is that it is for everybody and it is definitely not a new thing for Western Europe and North America.

  • Many cities practise it, which shows their environmental responsibility and a sustainable way of life.
  • It usually starts by small communities who find a patch of land in their city or even in back-yard and decide to start casual farming. Then they invite friends and neighbors to share the responsibility, to help plant, harvest and enjoy the produce.  
  • It is a great way to motivate social interaction, makes the neighborhoods more active and produces nutritious foods while reducing food budgets.  
  • Community garden is a project which is owned, accessed and managed by public.

If you live in Budapest and wonder if this practice also reached your city check KEK community gardens projects and the Supercity Community Garden video made by them. Imagine, how nice our life would be if our fruit and vegetables come straight from the garden nearby, without having to travel long distances in trucks and being exposed to chemical treatments!…And are you excited about growing your own food without leaving the city? Have you ever planted anything?



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