Is flu knocking on your door? Don’t open… Prevent it!

During winter and the changing of the seasons it’s really easy to get sick, so I have thought of some green behaviors that you can rely on throughout the year to prevent it:

  • It’s cold outside, but I am not lazy

Take a break from your sofa and enjoy the fresh air by walking around the city or doing some sports; the importance of keeping fit and being sustainably aware can be intertwined, which is exemplified by a number of different sport centers all around the world.

  • Fruits and vegetables for every month

Our everyday commitments leave us little time to properly choose food at the supermarket, but remember to keep checking for nutritious seasonal fruit and vegetables.

  • No sauna atmosphere in my house

Maintain a relatively low temperature, during winter your house does not have to replicate a Caribbean atmosphere! Some studies have detected how high internal temperature impact on the health of people.

  • Staying in contact with nature

Start to cultivate some flowers or plants on your balcony or garden, it is relaxing for your mind. Recently, there has been an increase in a practice known as horticultural therapy that aims to treat ailments of people by keeping them in contact with nature.

  • Choosing natural remedies

Throughout the year, mainly during stressful periods, fever and flu can occur. A lot of studies and personal stories confirm how effective plants can be to prevent and treat some diseases. One such example is the story of Josep Pàmies, a Spanish farmer and researcher that cures people with medicinal plants.

  • Finally a bit of relax

A holiday or some relaxing activities could be the perfect solution to recharge our energy, so why not do this in an eco-friendly way? Sustainable hotel and spas are present all over Europe and they use natural resources that provide a lot of benefits to our bodies.

And what are your healthy and sustainable habits??

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