20 Tips for a Greener Office

 Today, it is significant for a company to be green and environmentally responsible in daily office routine. Even if our work is not directly links to ecology or sustainability, we should all pay attention to the way our activities impact the planet. We listed for you plenty of green tips to make our workplace more environmentally friendly. By doing so, we are able to work in a healthier and more productive space.

Paper and waste reduction

  • Use two-sided printing and copying practices
  • Send office memos, message and contracts via email or electronically
  • Purchase reusable office items such as refillable pens and erasable white boards
  • Recycle and reuse the papers, glass, plastics, cans and more
  • Create an exchange platform to exchange unwanted products among workmates

Energy and Water Saving

  • Use eco-friendly office supplies and electronics
  • Use products with recycled materials or energy-saving characteristics
  • Install lighting controls such as occupancy sensors or time clocks
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Set a reasonable temperature for cooling and heating
  • Turn off the office computers and other electronics after working hours
  • Unplug microwaves, toasters, coffee makers or any other items when not in us

Travel in eco-style

  • Take public transportation
  • Bike to the office
  • Walk to the workplace
  • Propose telecommuting options to employees such as work from home if possible to cut down pollution
  • Encourage carpooling

Eat Green

  • Buy fair trade, organic food or drinks for the office
  • Pack your lunch in a reusable lunch bag
  • Use own mugs to buy a cup of coffee or tea


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